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At the Unhais da Serra Thermal Spa, a hydrotherapy centre located in the H2Otel/Aquadome complex, guests will be offered preferential access to all services and facilities, as well as special hotel rates. The Unhais da Serra Thermal Spa boasts the most advanced equipment and innovative facilities in Portugal. Unhais da Serra water is known for its healing properties and proven benefits in many conditions, particularly respiratory disorders.

Whether you are seeking relief from an ailment cure or just wish to improve your overall health or wellness, the Unhais da Serra Thermal Spa has the answer to your needs. A multidisciplinary team of health, leisure and wellness professionals is available to help you find the best solution.
We provide a wide range of curative and preventive water treatments. Our physicians will help you find out the best treatment to your needs. We also offer a vast array of wellness treatments and programmes designed with rest and relaxation in mind.

Unhais da Serra water – Thermal spring water with a history

It is likely that Unhais da Serra water was already famous among the Romans (Leitão, 1993). More recent references date back to the first settlers. A Medicinal Waters Manual from 1726 (Fonseca Henrique, 1726) describes Caldas da Covilham as ‘a sulphur spring in Unhães da Serra, a village in the Covilham municipality, in the Guarda district, whose water fills a tank large enough for 5 baths…’
In the 18th century, the region already boasted a thermal spa, known as a “hot bath”, which consisted of a single sand-bottomed tank where 6 people suffering from different ailments could bathe (Guerreiro et al., 1982). The tank was probably located over the spring, currently known as “Bath Spring” and recently neutralised.
Fully renovated, the thermal spa is now part of the H2otel/Aquadome complex, in Unhais da Serra.

Main indications:

Respiratory/Ear, Nose and Throat Disorders
  Allergic rhinitis, Sinusitis, Laryngitis, Adenoiditis, Bronchial and allergic asthma and COPD.
Rheumatic Diseases/Musculoskeletal Disorders
  Sequels of osteo-articular injuries, Osteoarthritis, Inflammatory rheumatic diseases, Rheumatic diseases affecting the joints (shoulder pain, neuralgia and sciatica),   Sprains and Bone fracture sequels.
Digestive System Disorders
  Irritable bowel syndrome (spastic and causing constipation).
Circulatory System Disorders
  Haemorrhoids and Peripheral vascular disease (lower limbs).

• Thermal water pool with water jets;
• Treadmill;
• Whirlpool baths;
• Vichy showers;
• Hydro-pressotherapy;
• Bertholaix;
• Airways room (adults and children);
• Steam rooms (spine and limbs);
• Scottish shower.

Water properties:

Unhais da Serra mineral water originates in Serra da Estrela, the highest mountain in mainland Portugal, running deep inside this landform. Its composition essentially results from percolation through granitic rocks. Commonly known as sulphur water, Unhais da Serra water contains sodium bicarbonate, carbonates, fluorides and hydrogen sulphide. It has a total mineral content of approximately 280 mg/l, a conductivity of about 300 µScm-1, a pH of 8.5-8.8 and a temperature at the source of about 37.5ºC.


A physical therapy and osteopathy centre, the Aquafisio offers carefully designed recovery programmes, based on the resources and equipment available at the thermal spa. Our highly qualified staff and advanced equipment make this centre one of the best of its kind in Portugal.

Our specialist physicians and physical therapists focus on disease prevention and patient re-education, as well as the rehabilitation of patients with disabilities resulting from musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, respiratory and neurological disorders, by designing personalised programmes aimed at meeting the individual needs of each patient.

Book your assessment now (free) to benefit from our physical therapy sessions. 


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