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The biggest water park in Portugal, the Aqualudic includes several innovative areas, allowing for a relaxing, leisurely experience. Whether with friends, family or on your own, make sure you visit this unique, unparalleled attraction. The Aqualudic features a Celtic Circuit, including Hammam Baths, Turkish Baths, Sauna, Colour Therapy Sauna, Hot & Cold Showers and an Ice Fountain, amongst other features. The water park also includes a Small Lagoon featuring four large suspended Jacuzzis and a waterfall, as well as a Big Lagoon, featuring Hydromassage Beds and Chairs, a River, a Counter-Current Swimming Area and many other attractions, leading to a heated outdoor section. The Aqualudic also features Outdoor Pools for adults and children, in a restful area where guests will be able to relax and enjoy stunning views of the Alforfa Glacial Valley (Unhais da Serra).

Note: Access to the Aqualudic and Gym is included in H2otel room prices. However, you are not required to stay at the H2otel Congress & Medical Spa to visit the Aqualudic.




IMPORTANT NOTICE: Visitors are required to wear a swimming cap. Babies are required to wear nappies (available at the reception desk).

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